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Shibani Joshi

I am a national business and technology journalist, writer and lecturer focused on leading-edge technology, dynamic business ideas, and themes around making everyday life more impactful. 

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  • Try it: the evidence journal prompt
    on May 12, 2023

    I plopped down on her grey loveseat and began settling in the space. The intimate couch the heart of her tiny reiki studio. The decor of grey and white uniform but for an assortment of emeralds, luminous crystals and candles on a shelf – created a calm, uniform backdrop that eased the mind immediately. — Boldly-Forward

Shibani on Tech
  • An Apple VR Headset Expected at WWDC?
    on May 20, 2023

    As Apple’s WWDC approaches on June 5, excitement grows for what could be the first reveal of Apple’s long-awaited debut of a AR/VR mixed reality headset.  — ShibaniOnTech

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