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Shibani Joshi

Shibani Joshi is a writer, speaker and lecturer focused on bleeding-edge tech, grounded excellence and tactical business concepts that enhance everyday life.

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  • The Story Behind My Elle Story
    on March 30, 2021

    How the long road can the be the destined road. I hope you have read my Elle piece,“The Other Side Of Indian Matchmaking: The Indian Divorce,”  about my Indian-American divorce.  I am humbled by its publication.  The story follows the long, painful, internal struggle I faced for many years about leaving my marriage because of the cultural and personal ramifications. — Boldly-Forward

Shibani on Tech
  • 4 Traits of Great Virtual Events, an Event Host’s Take
    on March 31, 2021

    The pandemic has forced almost every industry to transform, including the events business. All events are virtual events now.  Before 2020, I spent much of my time criss-crossing the country, hosting events for leading organizations.  Last year, my business transformed dramatically as events and people were grounded. — ShibaniOnTech

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